Frustrated at the limited choice of Braille greeting cards to give to my blind husband, I set about focussing my crafty genes on creating my own. I aim to make cards that are fun, modern and tactile, while also placing an emphasis on their visual appeal, so that they sit proudly on any mantelpiece. I produce a wide range of hand made cards to suit all major occasions, using a range of card toppers – including my own hand crafted felt toppers – to give a rich tactile experience. Each card can be personalised at no additional cost with a Braille message printed on the inside.

Not all of my customers have purchased cards for recipients who are blind. Some customers have sent coded Braille messages to loved ones, including for birthdays and marriage proposals. I have produced several bespoke tactile cards on request, and enjoy the challenge of creating a unique card for my customers. If you don’t find what you are looking for listed here, please contact me via my Get in touch! page to make your own personal request.

Happy shopping,