• What is Braille?
Braille is an alternative to print, that is widely used by people with little or no sight. Characters are represented by combinations of raised dots. There are typically six dots in a Braille ‘cell’, and characters are made up from one or more of these.
  • What is the difference between grade 1/ uncontracted and grade 2/ contracted Braille? 
Grade 1, or uncontracted Braille is the literal translation of characters and words in to Braille. Grade 1 is the format that is first taught to Braille users. On the other hand, grade 2, or contracted Braille allows writing to be condensed. As there are 64 possible combinations of dots in a 6 dot Braille ‘cell’, we can use combinations other than the alphabet characters to represent a series of letters and, in some cases, entire words. For example, there are contractions for character strings such as ‘ing’, ‘ea’, ‘er’ and ‘sh’. Grade 2 Braille will typically be known by experienced Braille users, and those who have learnt Braille from an early age. 
  • Why is there a character count restriction?
Braille messages require more space than if the same message were displayed in print. On average Braille requires the same amount of space as 24 point print. Therefore, in order to fit messages on to a standard sized card, it is necessary to impose a character limit. If you require a slightly longer message, and the recipient is a grade 2 Braille user, please contact me by email. 
  • Can my message be wrote in Grade 2/ contracted Braille?

Of course! If you would like your message typed in grade 2 Braille, please let me know by leaving a note in the ‘special instructions for seller’ box when checking out.

Please note, messages on the front of the card will still be typed in grade 1.

  • Do you do custom designs?

I can! Please contact me here to discuss your design ideas!

  • Processing time and delivery.

As each card is handmade and then personalised, please allow me up to 5 working days to despatch your order.


UK- Royal Mail 1st Class- estimated delivery 1 to 2 working days. 

USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand- Royal Mail International Standard delivery- estimated delivery 5 to 7 working days. 

Please note, tracking isn’t currently available.